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Our growing clients and sectors base is long and varied from the one man fabricator to many of the country’s largest blue chip companies. Each client is handled with identical care, attention and professionalism.

Our customer retention is enviable, repeat business is the norm.

Our aim is to achieve and surpass the customer’s expectation for service and quality.

We operate in all sectors, if a potential client processes steel, we can provide a cost effective often next day solution to an item that can take days to produce.

Automotive Accessories & Manufacture

Car chassis, towbars, trailers

Multi Metals Fabrication

Any type of fabrication, steel or stainless

Modular and Portable Buildings

Columns, corner posts, cleat work, jack legs

Offshore Metal Products

Structural parts, handrailing, tubular connections

Original Equipment Manfacturer

Machine frames, bespoke parts

Engineering and Construction

Support columns, lattice beams, bracing tubes, main tubular formations

Playground Equipment

Play areas and outdoor gyms


Frames, legs, posts

Yellow Goods

Booms, cab frames, chassis parts, connections

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