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Case study 1: - Hospital – Modular construction

We worked closely with one of the UK’’s leading modular construction companies to develop a kit of parts, that would enable simple and efficient construction of the steel frames.

  • The project was complicated from concept to delivery, as many of the modules were dimensionally different, had varied floor loadings and required manufacture and delivery in a precise order.
  • Over 700 tonnes of parts were processed and delivered in a 4 week window in accordance with EXC 2 to EN1090-1
  • Approximately 400 tonnes was Laser cut, Laser cut and tapped, or sawn to length and supplied from Leeds
  • The balance was 380mm & 430mm wide PFC which was saw cut, drilled, tapped on the saw & drill line in Dundee and subsequently delivered direct.

The accuracy of the products supplied and the co-ordinated scheduling of deliveries resulted in the desired build time being achieved, whilst also reducing time through the factory by over 50%.

Case study 2: - Platform - Railing

We were contracted to supply the steelwork for the manufacture of railing around a platform for an offshore application. Its design called for euro-norm sections to be sourced in Europe and Circular hollow section laser cut to exacting tolerances with end slots to accept the jointing plates.

Case study 3: - Stainless Steel Framework

We are regularly asked to provide parts for manufacture from a 3D model.

A typical ongoing project is the supply of 80 x 80 and 100 x 50 Stainless steel Hollow Section laser cut complete with end mitres, notches and various cut outs including hexagonal holes to suit the fitting of bolts.

Once the prototypes had been cut and some adjustments made each subsequent frame delivered is identical and ready for fabrication.

The customer has eliminated the need for complicated jigs and set up time thus significantly reducing time to market.

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